City Mouse, Country Mouse

I will just come out and say it: I am a city girl, and always will be. It has been an experience moving from a city of 143,986 people to one of 5,814. I moved to a small rural town in Northwest Iowa from Fort Collins, Colorado 4 years ago. It took me around a couple years to settle into small town life, and I must admit I love it just in a different way than my beloved CO. For one the traffic here is amazing! The fact that there are only a few stoplights that cycle fast, and that it takes less than 5 minutes to get all the way across town makes me one happy person. Yet is it odd. I miss the bumper to bumper traffic? When I visited Fort Collins  2 years ago I found myself enjoying driving in heavy traffic, and getting stuck at lights.

Perhaps that is a sign I am meant to be a city mouse? I don’t know. Believe me I have a feeling that if I lived there everyday and had to drive across town in that traffic I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. But for now I still sort of long for it, yet I am loving my current traffic life. Another thing I love about small town life is the amazingly genuine, loving, kind people I have met here. People have helped me when I most needed it. Gifts, cookies brought to my home by a church, the Chamber’s welcome wagon lady bringing me coupons to many shops in town. Would this happen in Fort Collins? Most certainly not. You do meet nice, caring, genuine people there, but they often don’t reach out as much as they do to one another here.

There are other things that I can say about what I love and dislike about Iowa and Colorado, but I will give you a glimpse of what I love most about each place:

Old Town Fort Collins at its best. Alfresco dining in the beautiful historic downtown.

I love getting to have experienced true Dutch pride. You can’t help but admire the beauty of Orange City’s Windmill that is situated next to NorthWestern College and the local high school.

Downtown Estes Park, nestled in the Rocky Mountains. I have many happy childhood memories spent here. One thing to love: some of the best sweet treat shops you can find!

The Orange City annual Tulip Festival. A must see, not only to witness true Dutch heritage first hand, but to admire the beautiful Tulips.

So there are some of my favorite things about Iowa and Colorado. I see myself ending up someday back in the city, whether it be Fort Collins, or somewhere else. But for now I am happily a country mouse!


One thought on “City Mouse, Country Mouse

  1. I have realized that relationships are what make a place a home, no matter what size the city. You can adjust to anything if you find kindness.

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