As the weeks go by…

Friday marked the end of The Summer Reading Program at our library. It has been 6 weeks of stress, and busyness, but gladly it is now over. Even though it was stressful I can’t believe how fast it went by! It seems like a blur now, but believe me in the moment I felt a little freaked out. My coworkers were surprised since I am usually the calm, cool, and collected one. I guess everyone is entitled to have their days, huh?

I love that The Summer Reading Program encourages early literacy, and was very impressed by all of the minutes that were read by the children who participated. I am glad that we will return to some form of normalcy, although school is still out. That still means busyness, lots of shelving, and still some stress. Only a couple of months though until school starts, and we hopefully return to quite afternoons (that is before 3:30  when school gets out!)

Last week seeing everyone come in the library with their swimsuits on under their clothes, and their skin looking as brown as a berry, I decided I wanted a tan too. So I managed to find a (very) old swimsuit in the back of my closet, and invited a friend to go with me to the pool yesterday. I felt better having a friend come with me, not only for the company, but also for the moral support of not going alone in a bathing suit. Mind you it has been many years since I have gone to a public pool in a swimsuit. But I was determined to get that tan. Me and my friend both enjoyed the bliss of relaxation after both having hard weeks as we laid in the sun. Our method was sun bathe for 50 minutes and wait for adult swim. We reminisced about how we HATED adult swim as kids, and now we LOVE it! I also enjoyed watching the kids poised like cougars to pounce waiting for the call that adult swim was over! We stayed for 3 1/2 hours in mid 90 degree heat, and decided to leave as we were both starting to feel a little toasty. I am about two shades darker though which thrills me!

This coming Wednesday I will turn 27. It is a birthday of mixed feelings. I wish I was closer to some of my other family members to celebrate, and I really don’t feel as old as 27. I know 27 isn’t old, but I keep looking at it as only 3 years from 30.  I don’t feel like I have accomplished all that I wanted to by this point in time. My very wise mother and her friend reminded me that as they both go through big life changes, try looking back at their age and seeing all that they wish they had accomplished and they may never accomplish now. I must say thanks to my mom for putting my thoughts in perspective.

I plan on celebrating my Birthday all week. On my Birthday I am going to a friends house, going to the pool for a few hours on Saturday and inviting another friend to go with me, going to the new Batman movie that night with another friend, and spending Sunday with my dad. Hopefully the weekend comes fast and I have a great week. I hope you have a great week too!


2 thoughts on “As the weeks go by…

  1. Happy Birthday!! Every year gets better! Trust me…. Every time that I think about a birthday cake I remember Jerry Seinfeld when he said: “You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, ‘See if you can blow this out.”

    • I love Jerry Seinfeld! 27 has treated me well so far, and in fact when I have been asked what my age is I often falter and want to say 26. I guess I still feel younger than I thought I would! Thanks for birthday wishes and advice!

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