Who Would You Be…

If you could be anyone for one day, who would you be? It could be a friend, a family member, a sports star, or a celebrity. Now enter my vivid imagination. If I could be anyone I wanted for a whole day who would it be? Katy Perry comes to mind. I recently watched her new documentary on her life on tour and I was intrigued by her bubbly, wild, energetic and fun personality.

People may not think she has talent, but I do. She is quite the show woman who beats to the rhythm of her own drum. Some may scoff at the fact that she made a movie (and that I watched it!), but I loved the inside glance into her life.

 I would love to be her for one day! Her clothes, numerous hair colors and styles, getting to perform a concert in her awesome costumes, all while being confident about it and having fun. Her clothes make me smile, and I honestly really want turquoise, pink, AND purple hair (just not all at the same time mind you.) Her turquoise bob I would actually seriously consider right now if it were acceptable for work!

Now this is a fun, wild, imaginative view of how I would like to be, but who I really admire and would like to be for a day is Jennifer Garner. For a celebrity she is ultra grounded, has a strong marriage, is a fabulous mom to three lovely children, all while navigating the craziness of Hollywood. I find her bubbly, sweet personality quite charming.

 She’s not afraid to go to her daughter’s soccer game with wet hair and no makeup, just like any other mom, yet enviously look glamorous all at the same time. I also admire her honesty, and integrity. Not many celebrities you can say this all about. I would like a life like her’s someday. A loving, devoted husband whom I have a happy, solid marriage with. To be a great mom to one, perhaps two children. To have a happy home.

But really at the end of the day I would choose to be… just me. I could always do wild and crazy things like Katy Perry (case in point dye my hair,) and I am sure I can make a life for myself like Jennifer Garner’s someday. So while it’s fun to imagine being someone else, being true to yourself seems most important. But just for fun who would you choose to be?


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