Randomness Monday

So in celebration of Monday almost being over I thought I would post about, well…nothing important. Mindless dribble. How about some of my favorite pictures that I love? No thinking required today, just colors and random thoughts. Maybe this should be a Monday tradition?

One of my favorite pictures. I in fact found it on the internet, saved it, printed it at Wal-Mart and framed it. It hangs above my bed and I sigh every time I look at it. A) What woman wouldn’t want a body like that, B) Only a ballerina could make stretching look so beautiful, and C) it makes me want to learn ballet even though I don’t have the stance for it.

Okay, yes, I will be honest and admit I am obsessed with Katy Perry right now. Currently I LOVE and want this lust-worthy makeup look. I love to play up my eyes, I think they are one of my best features. Now enter my problem, I am not very good at putting on makeup and copying styles such as this. I am terrible at applying liquid liner, and have decided to currently practice applying it. So I have a feeling my weekends for awhile will be filled with makeup tutorials and practice that may be initially catastrophic, but hopefully lead to perfection.

Okay, one word…WANT! These sunglasses, I love them! The blue sides are so classy! They are made by Cartier and are only $500 a pair. That’s affordable, right? Yeah, if your Jennifer Garner or any other celebrity. I love sunglasses because I feel like I can become someone else, be incognito, and be mysterious. There is something about hiding your eyes behind a pair of rock’in shades that adds a bit of mystery about yourself. I currently bought a new pair, big oval frames, that I must say make me feel like a movie star when I wear them. I pray for sunshine when I leave each day, so I can go out incognito in my lovely lenses.

And last but not least…

Another one of my guilty pleasures is watching The Vampire Diaries. I will admit it is basically for the lust-worthy Ian Somerhalder (epic sigh) who plays Damon Salvator, a vampire who has been living since the 1800’s. Damon is a damaged soul, he was betrayed by a woman named Katherine from his days as a human, and she eventually turned him into a vampire. Enter modern day, his brother Stephan is in love and dating Kathrine’s doppelganger, Elana. A little confusing, yes? But what draws me to this show is Damon’s everlasting unrequited love for Elana, yet her love is only for Stephan. He is so soulful when around her, and damaged and deeply flawed when he looses her friendship in season 2. The show may be geared towards teens, but the acting is good and convincing, and each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat. Give it a try!

That’s all for now happy Monday, almost Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Randomness Monday

  1. I think it is safe to say that you have a major-girl-crush on Ms. Perry. As for the glasses, maybe you can get a Rx pair and wear them all the time. I guess it would be a little dark inside but you’d get used to it.

    • I think your right! I simply love her, but I promise, no more Katy Perry on here for awhile.

      Now I could get an RX pair, or I could just get contacts and buy a lot more inexpensive sunglasses and have lots of ones to choose from to wear from day to day 🙂

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