Blogging, How I Have Come to Love Thee!

So, I will admit I am now addicted to blogging! I graduated from college last July, and when writing papers I always had a hard time making them have a “personal touch.” I was once told by a teacher that I had a rock solid “A” paper, but my writing was a bit technical. After that I always tried to add some “personal flare” to my papers. But let’s face it anyone who has had to write a college paper knows how fun they are (insert eye roll here,) and you just want to get it done, so technical seemed to be the way to go for me.

I finished the last two years of my Bachelors Degree in an online school that was very accelerated. Basically I pumped out discussion posts, which were essentially mini papers, plus weekly papers, and commonly 10-15 page final papers for two classes per term, changing every 6 weeks. I made it through those two years alive, brain dead, but alive and with a 3.65 GPA and making Dean’s List twice. I can proudly say that my technical writing awarded me a degree in Psychology and Human Services.

 Now why am I talking so much about college papers? Because I never realized writing could be so much fun! College writing has been all I’ve known for many years. I am not the most crafty person, but I have a great imagination. So far I have LOVED writing posts this past week because I can choose anything under the sun to write about. I began blogging here back in June, but life got busy and I wasn’t hooked at the time, so it fell by the wayside. Fast forward to today, and on a whim, and a bit of force, I decided to try blogging again. After being told what to write in college I am reveling in being able to write about WHATEVER I want! What a concept that writing could be fun and cause joy!

Whenever I ask what my hobbies are I always get a blank look on my face and say “I would like to learn to knit.” A.K.A: I don’t have any hobbies. But now could blogging be considered a hobby? Do I not have to lie to people about actually not having a hobby? Why don’t I have any hobbies do you ask? I am not the most patient or dedicated person, so learning and sticking with something is difficult for me. But with blogging I get to be creative with words, and craft a post with pictures from the internet. That is another fun part of this. I LOVE to hunt down pictures on the internet of random things and my passions, so how cool that I get to do that here! Imagine that, I just found something I love to do. and perhaps even a new hobby!


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