Saturday Chores, and Surprises

 I love lazy Saturdays’. There was of course that one chore that I had to do today that I had been putting off…the laundromat. I usually try to go during the week in the evening so I can get one of the three cheaper washers. During the weekend, when it’s busy, they are the first to be taken. I took a risk going on a Saturday, but all my clothes were dirty and I had procrastinated all week.

When I arrived there were only two people in the place, and all three washers were open! I stuffed my washer full even though all the signs say “do not overfill the washers,” but I always stuff it as full as I can. I do feel guilty about this, but obviously not guilty enough to stop overfilling.
I happily brought my laptop with me thinking I could write a blog while I waited for my laundry to wash and dry. It ended up that I could pickup the wireless signal from the coffee shop down the way. I hadn’t had a chance to catch up on last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time

Could it be possible? Could the internet be strong enough to play video? I gave it a try, and bingo! It was. What I find so ironic is that I can’t get video to play on my laptop in the library where the wireless router is located, yet I can in a laundromat three doors down from the business that has WiFi!

So what I thought would be a chore turned out to be a joyful experience. I not only got to watch my show, but also have lovely, soft, wonderful smelling clean laundry, one of my other simple pleasures. All of this, along with a relaxing afternoon, and dinner with a friend tonight, equals a great day in my book!

Here’s to a relaxing Saturday!


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