Relax And Enjoy

Relax And Enjoy: Let’s face it most of us are caught up in the rat race of life. How often do you really stop and enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea? The scent, the robust taste, the steam hitting your face as you take a sip. My morning coffee intake consists of sips here and there as I rush around my apartment getting ready for work.

What would happen if I stopped, sat down on my couch, enjoyed the sunlight filtering through my blinds, and sipped my morning pick-me-up? Spending that small amount of time focusing on relaxation rather than hurrying could pave the way for the rest of my day. Do I want to spend it feeling rushed and stressed, or feel more at peace and have a positive mental attitude? I prefer peaceful and positive.

Find some peace for just a moment in this crazy world. Have a zen moment.  Whether it’s while drinking coffee in the morning, listening to your child’s laughter, holding your love’s hand, reading a great book, or spending time with your best friend. Be present, take in that moment, relax, and enjoy. Repeat daily.


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