Be Content

This has been a hard week so far. I got sick with a bad head cold on Sunday, but have managed to go to work all week. Today though I developed a lovely case of laryngitis. Slowly throughout the day full of waiting on patrons, my voice began to disappear. This is a first for me, I have never had laryngitis before, and I do quite frankly value the use of my voice. This is also one of the first times I have had no family close by to help take care of me. Is it childish of me to say I really wish my mommy were here? Top this off with me making a major mistake in my checkbook, and you have the beginning of a not so great week. This all means contentment hasn’t really been present lately.

But, when thinking about writing this post tonight I began to wonder “what could I do right now to make myself feel content?” Usually I sit in my living room and write my blogs, and watch TV. Tonight I decided to haul my laptop into my room to write. I must say I am actually quite content right now. Sitting in my comfy bed, propped up by pillows with the heating pad on my back, watching episodes of the television show “Bones,” and best of all drinking a hot cup of honey lemon ginseng green tea. It feels like pure bliss going down my scratchy, sore, tired throat.

I also have been brainstorming about other times, or things, that make me feel content. I am usually content to open my door to my apartment and know I’m home after a full day of work, putting on my tried and true pajamas, sitting at the local coffee shop watching “Once Upon a Time,” reading a really good book, and especially sleeping.

I am not sure I could ever be content all the time, but I sure do have moments of it. Right now is one of them, and I hope to have many more. Maybe we should all aim for at least one moment of contentment per day, or if that’s too much to ask, each week. I encourage you to just sneak one thing in your daily routine that makes you feel this way, or just be more conscious of  when you are content and truly appreciate the moment.


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