Lightening Up

This week I was knocked down hard by a nasty head cold, and also a bad case of laryngitis. I have never had laryngitis before, so it has been an experience. I never thought in my life that I would honestly say I didn’t want to talk, at all, to anyone. That is hard since I work in a place where I talk all day, to dozens of people. I felt like a cartoon character yesterday. I had a very high raspy voice, which sounded funny, but believe me, it was far from it. Today my voice was slightly better, but I still have a stuffed up nose and a tight chest. We will see what next week brings and determine whether or not a trip to the Dr. is required. Hopefully a day and a half of resting my voice will take care of my laryngitis. That along with my constant diet of soup and tea.

I have been having a hard time coming up with a good post for lightening up. I can tell you I am one that could often use a lesson in this. I do take things far too seriously. Lately I have been trying to live by a common question you can ask yourself when your dealing with a problem: “Will this problem really matter 5 years from now?” My answer to the current problems I am stressed out over, no, it will not matter in five years, nor will I probably even remember what my problems where at this very point in time. More so I will probably answer readily, “oh, I had laryngitis!”

This question has given me comfort lately, and made me realize that our everyday problems and stressors usually aren’t as catastrophic as they may feel. It has helped me lighten up a bit and not take life so seriously. So next time you feel angry, upset, sad, or anxious about a certain problem or situation, step back, and ask yourself: “Will this really matter five years from now?” Take comfort in knowing the answer will probably be “no.”


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