Happy Halloween!

I am happy to say it is a sunny day here in Iowa with no clouds in the sky, good for trick-or-treater’s later in the evening. This means no snow, and luckily a night time low of 40 degrees, not too bad considering how chilly it was yesterday. I haven’t yet ventured outside, but judging from the calm tree outside my window it isn’t windy either. A double win for the kids tonight!

I can’t help but think about Halloween’s past when I was a child. For awhile there was a little second hand children’s clothing store that rented the most well-made, unique costumes. My mom rented costumes for me several times from that shop, and I fondly remember them. One year I was a flapper girl, complete with flapper style, gold fringed dress and headband. This costume suited me perfect with my dark hair styled in my usual bob with bangs. Now mind you it wasn’t the most practical costume for a Colorado Halloween. It was freezing, and snowing that Halloween, so I basically only made it to a few houses with a coat over my costume. I only revealed it when a person answered their door to give me candy. It was windy and snowy the other Halloween I wore a Harlequin clown costume, with my then baby brother in tow as another clown. Let’s just say we never made it very far with my brother, who was not happy being out in the elements. At least my costume was much warmer that year!

This year I switched shifts with a coworker who has children so she could have the evening to take her kids out trick-or-treating. I have no children or family close by the celebrate Halloween with, so I happily agreed. I was asked by my boss yesterday if I was going to wear a costume, and I hope my face didn’t show the mock horror that I was feeling! Me wear a costume? I don’t think so, especially since I would be the only one wearing one at work. Be reminded that I don’t like to be the center of attention. She even offered me her giant M&M costume, which didn’t surprise me she would have one since she collects M&M memorabilia. So not happening though!

 My library is close to downtown, and some shops hand out candy, so we are prepared with some just in case some kids come in. I am happy to hand out candy and comment on costumes. I can’t help but miss being around my mom this Halloween it is her favorite holiday, and she always gets so festive around this time. I miss that and get nostalgic for it. Keeping her in spirit here I have a pumpkin on my coffee table, hand made paper  pumpkins on my bookshelves, Halloween paper cutouts taped to my door, and of course the skeleton that you put in water and it grows 600 times it’s size (a gift from my mom.) So I will happily be thinking of Halloween pasts today, and enjoying seeing children enjoy theirs today!


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