Evolving as a person is something that I think is very important. We all navigate through life, and the situations it presents to us in different ways. This makes each person unique because they are all individually shaped by their environment, and are built differently in many ways mentally, emotionally, and physically. I believe we are all evolving as a person, and a human being, everyday, sometimes even without our knowledge.

Personally I have written about my evolution outwardly, by buying new clothes and cutting my hair, but I am also evolving emotionally and mentally. I lately have been contemplating how being an adult isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. I find it funny that I have been grappling with this, and one on my friends on Facebook just posted as their status “I wish I wasn’t an adult.” I chuckled and was relieved to know I am not the only one that feels this way. Even though I have been and adult for years I am still learning to navigate through life, and this in turn is evolving me as a person. Everyday I become more of an adult, and am taking on all the responsibilities that comes along with this. It may not be pleasant, but I feel a feeling of accomplishment that I am learning new things about this world, and about myself each and every day.

Even though I am an adult, it doesn’t mean I don’t need help sometimes, or don’t need to be around my parents. I must say thank you to my wonderful level headed mom, for walking me through a problem I was struggling with today. I always know I can turn to her for great advice, and a big hug, even though it comes from states away. Phones and Facebook are our best friends! Another thanks to my dad, whom yesterday bought me Subway for lunch, and then we went shopping at Wal-Mart. Our bi-weekly get together means a lot. Even though I enjoy just being alone, I do get pangs on loneliness, and having him here in Iowa helps me not feel so alone. Both of these events happened this weekend, and I certainly feel better than I did on Friday, or for another matter this morning. Even though I am an adult, I know I can still depend on my parents no matter how far they live from me. And as the days go by I continue to evolve with each situation I face, and become the person I am meant to be, but most of all want to be.


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