Love Makes the World Go Around

Love. One of the strongest emotions we as humans experience. It is a complex emotion, but one that is very enjoyable. There are many types of love. Some include romantic love, affectionate love, friendship love, motherly love, and unconditional love. Those that have experienced any type of these (which most certainly we all have at some time or another) are truly lucky.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love. I have an amazing family and as I grew up I never doubted my parents unconditional love for me. Good times, and bad I knew they loved me. My family is split up between Iowa and Colorado at the moment, but our love still spans the distance between us. My weekend get together’s with my dad here in Iowa. The teasing on Facebook between me, my dad, and brother. My usually daily phone calls from my mom, and messages on Facebook, all signed with X’s and O’s. These simple things mean so much to me, and make me feel loved. I don’t need fancy things to know I’m loved, it’s presence is unspoken between us. Yes, “I love you” is spoken often, but it doesn’t need to be in order to know I am loved.

I am also incredibly grateful for all the wonderful friendships I have. I have friends both here in Iowa, and in Colorado still. I love social media to keep in touch, as mentioned before Facebook is one of my best friends. I get to keep in touch with family, and with friends living all over. I only have a select few very close friends on Facebook though. I guess  I should say ones I actually talk to regularly, or know intimately. I had the wonderful experience of chatting on instant messaging with an amazing old friend the other day. She told me she reads my blogs, and that I should continue writing. That meant a lot, and was all possible because of wonderful Facebook.

I am blessed to have great friends here as well. My best friend and I enjoy watching movies together, and enjoying “girl talk” sessions. I am so grateful I took her up on going to see the midnight showing of Twilight when it came out. I had no intention of watching the movie (vampires didn’t interest me, thus I had never read any of the books,) but she was the first person to ask me out as a friend when I first moved here. Staying out past midnight was so unlike me and a stretch, but I am very glad I went. We bonded over Twilight, she made me a fan (and yes, I ended up reading all of the books, and loved them, plus we have seen every movie together since, multiple times) but best of all she became my best friend. Add in there friends who have been like surrogate mom’s to me since my mom moved away, I certainly feel incredibly loved, and am lucky to have them in my life.

There are many loves I have yet to experience, and look forward too feeling the emotions that come along with them. I continue to live my life, day by day, and soak up every inch of love that comes my way. It means so much to me to have all that I have, and the love that surrounds me, my family, friends, and of course you.


4 thoughts on “Love Makes the World Go Around

  1. Love reading your bloggs, your facebook pages, and your pinterest items…I feel such a connection with you even though I haven’t seen you since you were about four! You are a vital part of my family even though there are many miles between us..I love you! Thanks for writting..never stop! Love Aunt Traci

    • Oh Aunt Tracie, thank you so much! I feel very lucky to have you in my life even though it is just through Facebook and my blog. Thanks for the encouragement to continue writing. Something that I just started on a whim has become something I love and truly enjoy. Love you right back!

  2. One of my favourite quotes on love comes from Lao Tzu: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

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