Walk Softly

I find it ironic that this should come up since it is something I have been doing in my life lately, the main reason recently is the Presidential election. First off, I am always one to fly under the radar. I try and not step on toes, and respect other people’s feelings and beliefs. I try very hard to not be judgmental. To me this “walking softly” through life. I am sure this phrase has many meanings, but this is what I choose to focus on.

I am a liberal Democrat. It has been very hard living in the area of Iowa that I do. Iowa is a Democratic state, but I live in the belt that is mainly all Republican. Let’s just say politics and religion are both conversational topics I highly avoid. Before the election started yesterday, some of my coworkers found out I was a liberal Democrat. Unfortunately this ended up with comments of “oh no!” “how could you?” Facebook remarks have also been highly on the negative side. Let’s just say I have avoided posting anything political on there as well (until last night when Obama got re-elected, I couldn’t help myself!) I just honestly wish that both parties could work together, and not judge each one another, all while respecting that they each have different views and try and find some common gorund. Only in a perfect world I guess.

My response and solution to bashing people about being a Democrat or a Republican, is acceptance. Yes, I have different views than the other political party, but I respect them. We live in a country where every person has the right to believe what they want, follow any religion they choose, and to belong to whatever political party that best fits their views. I don’t want to anger anyone, or squash anyone’s hopes, dreams, ideals, or beliefs. That’s why I choose acceptance, and respect over peoples views, rather than talking down to them.

We are all entitled to be who we are, and not have to explain ourselves to others. Yes, I am a Democrat, and my response to people bashing is that I believe in respect. I will respect you, despite the fact our views differ. I am entitled to my views, just as much as you are yours. One way to walk softly is to be accepting, and be respectful of others despite their views and differences from your own. Rocking the boat wildly, and calling names, only causes hurt and heartache. Remember we are all humans, fragile at times, and by walking softly we can live in harmony (or at least more so in harmony) with those who have different views than our own. Just food for thought on this Wednesday evening!


8 thoughts on “Walk Softly

  1. You are very brave to be strong in your beliefs especially when you are surrounded by people who are mean! I used to be quiet and try to not stir things up–I’m not sure what happened to me, but I have such a big mouth now! I am opinionated, I stick up for abused children and animals, and my inner voice seems to have erupted!

    • I admire you for being opinionated! I wish I could be more so externally, but I am more so in my mind. But believe me if you get me worked up enough about something, I will speak my mind! I have to admit I felt a bit smug today because my party won. I talked about Obama with some of my Democratic coworkers today (yes, I work with 3, so they do exist here!) I know feeling smug, and feeling like rubbing it in, is NOT walking softly, but I couldn’t help it. Even I have my moments of weakness!

  2. Well said! Your words remind my of a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “It is easy to live for others, everybody does. I call on you to live for yourself.”

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