Listen and Learn

Okay, so we all know that mom’s know best. I have to say that as I have gotten older I’ve learned that most of the time my mom was right about the things I asked her, or often had the perfect solution to a problem I was having. My mom is full of wisdom. Sometimes when I haven’t wanted to listen to her, or I refused to believe her, it ended up that her advice was correct. I used to resent this fact when I was younger, who was she to say what I should do or how I should act? But today I often turn to her for her excellent advice. She is also great at consoling me in times of stress, and talking sense into me when all my brain is telling me is useless lies. I have had to live quite a few years to learn this, and I am so grateful that I have her to turn to when I need some good advice. In this case I didn’t listen for many years, but I eventually learned that my mom was full of words of wisdom, hope and truth.

Sometimes we don’t listen and learn. This can be quite painful, but is just as necessary as listening and learning. What is success without failure? We all have mentors or people we look up to. Listen to their words, and pick apart the meaningful, or insightful thoughts and ideas that they have. Try and learn from anything that they say that catches your attention. It may not even be a friend, or mentor that you listen and learn from. It could be a celebrity, a person in line in front of you at the store, the person sitting next to you on the bus or subway, or even from that ever annoying person talking on their cell phone loudly next to you. There are words of wisdom everywhere. Pieces of good advice and assurance float freely through the air. You just have to stop and listen. The key is to learn from what you hear. You may fall several times until you get it right. But to listen and learn is a very powerful concept. Don’t forget that the littlest words, can have the biggest meaning.


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