Romatic Style and Grace


9 thoughts on “Romatic Style and Grace

    • I know right! I have another picture of a different pair I found on Pinterest, and the woman has black tights on with them, and a chiffon blouse. And must I say darn do they look good! Only a twiggy, long-legged figure though looks really great in them, sigh…

      • It’s always nice to find things such as those. I have a couple tops, or jeans that do that. I had a pair of jeans on at work the other day, and a friend came in and she said “wow, those jeans really make you look thin!” Every girl’s dream! I am just sad I only own one pair, ha ha!

      • I NEED to know what brand, that”s quite an endorsement! I think Joe’s are pretty flattering all things considered, for my 5ft not skinny frame. except for the 3ft I cut off the bottom which would have fit a normal sized girl. LOL

      • They are Maurice’s brand. Best of all they are the kind that have rhinestones all over the front and back pockets. I’m a bling girl! They are far too long though, and are average size. Maurice’s does that, their average size is like 32-33 in. inseam for their stylish jeans. Just regular plain old ones I could get in a 30. 33′ inches doesn’t work for my 5 foot 3 1/2 inch frame. I can’t hem them either because they are stitched with heavy white thread. I can wear them with my Ugg style boots, and they drag a little, but no other shoes work unless they have a heel. I will live with that though!

      • Yeah for sparkle! I don’t know the brand, I will look for them. Maybe Barney’s has them. How about a tailor? I had some jeans taken there cos the material kept breaking my needles and they did a perfect job with the same thread and it was perfect. Less than $20, too.

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