Movies I Love: Elektra

I have decided that every once in awhile I will high-lite one of my favorite movies. I will give you an overview of the plot, and the reasons why it is one of my favorite films. We will start out with one of my favorites: Elektra.

In the movie Elektra Jennifer Garner play’s an assassin for hire, who is unsurpassed in skill, and is a tortured human being. Her mother was murdered when she was a child, and Elektra is haunted by dreams and images of the monster who killed her. She doesn’t see a person in her dreams but a demon like being. Her signature look is a red outfit (that doesn’t leave much to the imagination,) and her weapon of choice are two sai’s.

The plot of the movie revolves around a man, Mark, and his daughter, Abby, whom Elektra is hired to kill, but she doesn’t follow through on this because she accidentally formed an attachment to both of them. Since she didn’t kill Mark and Abby a powerful evil group called “The Hand” come after them. After her failed attempt to kill her targets, Elektra has a vision of Abby and Mark being killed. Suddenly Elektra takes a step back from her cynical side and comes to the rescue of Mark and Abby, and saves their lives. The rest of the movie involves Elektra trying to protect Mark, and especially Abby who is becoming a prodigy in Kimagure. She is wanted by “The Hand” so they can groom her into a powerful force of evil. Elektra succeeds in saving Mark and Abby, and in the process, finds her true self and her way back into the real world.

Cheesy as it is, and as many bad movie reviews as there are, I LOVE this movie! I have watched it over fifty times at least. It is one of those ones that I can watch back to back and not be bored. I love how kick ass Jennifer Garner is, and how she plays such a shut down cynical person, yet slowly comes into the light and develops feelings and a heart. I guess this is one of those tortured souls movies, where their heart of ice begins to melt, and they become human again.

Elektra’s prized possession is a necklace that was her mother’s. It is a long, thin, rectangular pendant that spells Elektra in Greek. Time for a shameless confession, I bought a chain similar to the necklace in the movie, and also bought a pendant in the same shape as Elektra’s only it is my name in hieroglyphics. I do wear it, it sort of feels like a good luck charm, and makes me feel more brave. Does this make me crazy, or psycho? I’m not sure that’s up to you.

Also, one of my favorite scenes is when Elektra has a nightmare of her mother’s murder, and she awakens but refuses to take her insomnia medication. Instead she gets up and exercises. This is my favorite, in one scene she is doing one-armed pull-ups from a rope loop tied to the rafters. My brother, whom I forced to watch the movie with me at one point, was a killjoy and made the comment that this was impossible because she would break her wrist. Broken wrist or not it was an awesome scene!

I guess I just love to see Elektra’s transformation into a great human being, and deciding to move on with her life despite her past transgressions. Jennifer Garner’s amazing fight scenes, and hard as nails attitude throughout the film enthrall me every time. I have learned never to trust movie reviews, or movie critics, because usually I end up loving the worst rated movies. Everyone has their own personal preferences for movies, and who’s to judge! What’s your favorite, worst rated, movie by critics?


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