My Life as I Would Like It…

So I have been thinking, well day dreaming, about what my perfect life would be like. Don’t get me wrong I do love my life now, but don’t we always dream of something better, or different? So I have decided to share with you what I envision my perfect life as. Granted this is how I would like my life to to be, but it’s far (or may be) from happening yet. Hopefully soon! Enjoy my very elaborate daydream!

It is a beautiful sunny morning in Fort Collins, Colorado, I take a big full body stretch as I get ready to get out of bed to face the day. The sheets feel so soft and warm, it is a shame to have to get up. I poke my husband, William, next to me and tell him it’s time to wake up. The baby monitor on the bedside table alerts us that our newborn baby, Aubyn, is awake and ready to be changed and fed. It is also time to wake our 6 year old daughter Josselyn so we can start getting her ready for school.

Me and William have been married for 7 years, and I had my dream wedding. We are very happily married and live in a beautiful remodeled craftsman style home in the old part of town. It is a beautiful house and is the perfect size for our family. I worked as an archival librarian up until Aubyn was born, and then William and I decided that I could be a stay at home mom. William luckily makes enough money for me to do this, and he has a flexible enough schedule that he can be around to help when I need it.

Life is good. I am married to the love of my life, and we have an amazing loving relationship, we have two wonderful girls which I always wanted, own our dream home, drive my dream car (a Volvo Xc60,) and overall am extremely happy with my life. I enjoy spending my days getting ready for the day with my whole family, spending time alone with Aubyn at home during the day, and in the evening eating dinner and talking about our days with my loved ones. I am happy to do school runs, attend parent teacher conferences, play dress up, dolls, or have tea parties,  deal with tantrums, change diapers, have sleepless nights, enjoy date nights with my husband, and simply enjoy being a mom and wife.

This is what I dream of now, but there are things missing to make it a reality. Once important aspects appear, perhaps I can create the life I want or one close to it. Nothing wrong with having dreams, just as long as you realize that they often don’t come true just as you want them too. I am just looking forward to being a wife and mom, that is my dream right now. Maybe my Christmas wish???


8 thoughts on “My Life as I Would Like It…

      • I promise I won’t. I have seen that happen to friends, and I don’t want that to happen to me. I’m only 27, there is plenty of time to get married and have kids, so I’m not too worried. Just a little anxious for it, ha ha!

      • Funny you should say that! I was hearing my coworkers complain about having to make their house spotless, find sleeping arrangements, and make the perfect meal because they had all sorts of family coming. I simply picked up a bit, cleaned the kitchen, and that was it. No one to impress. It was nice to have no in-laws, or boyfriend to impress. I do still enjoy my single freedom!

      • I am glad to hear it! When I was single and child-free, a friend with kids once said to me “my time is not my own” I didn’t know what they meant until I had one, and 31 years later, I sure do. From the moment they start growing inside you, you are attached. No matter where they live or what they do, you worry and are never far from wondering how they are, if they eat properly, if their spouse is being nice to them, it never ends. I’m not complaining, I kind of wish I had enjoyed that total sense of freedom and I don’t think I really did. Learn from me!!

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