Thanksgiving Recap…

Success, success, success!!! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a great time spending the day with my dad and bonding over cooking. He provided the feast and came over in the a.m. so we could put the turkey in. My dad prepared and cooked the turkey, but I observed, so hopefully I can do it on my own someday. It seems pretty straightforward to cook one, as long as you don’t fix it any fancy way.

We watched “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” while the turkey first began to bake. That is my dad, brother, and I’s favorite movie! You can’t go wrong with John Candy and Steve Martin! Here is a picture of a classic scene from the movie, I can’t say it’s our favorite, because there are just far too many classic scenes to choose from. Afterwards we talked and shared laughs about work, family, and life. I am truly grateful I had family to spend Thanksgiving with, and especially that it was with my dad.

I must say my mom’s stuffing was just as easy to make as the recipe looked. I call it famous, but it is just plain old sausage stuffing that she doesn’t really even measure the ingredients to make it. It is one of my favorites though! As I had my hands stuffed in the pot full of stuffing, mixing it up, my mom called from Colorado. She and my brother where on speaker phone on their end, and we put them on speaker phone on our end as well. We talked a bit, but they decided to call back after we ate. I must say it was bittersweet not having her or my brother here. I know we all have our own lives now, but I do still wish we all lived in the same state. I truly hope my mom and brother had a fantastic Thanksgiving like we did.

Our 11 pound turkey cooked in about 3 hours, and we let it cool while the stuffing baked, and potatoes cooked. My dad is an expert mashed potato maker, and even better gravy maker. We were both grateful that he bought two tubes of crescent rolls, because they only have 8 in each, and we can both eat 8 on our own! My dad’s gravy was finishing up, and he shared his secret with me, he always uses more corn starch than the recipe calls for! The potatoes where whipped to perfection, my mom’s stuffing was a tad overcooked (I blame my oven) but still great, crescent rolls baked to a golden brown, and jellied cranberry sauce slid out of the can. So finally dinner was ready, and everything was time right to be done at the same time.

We sat and watched “While you Where Sleeping” while we ate dinner. Two plates of food were customary, this is the one holiday of the year that is this is a rule that must be adhered too! Pumpkin pie followed, with extra creamy whipped cream. Next movie we watched the movie “Red Eye.” You can’t have a holiday with showing only holiday comedies, you have to throw a thriller movie in the mix too!

Funniest thing of the evening was that we had this amazing spread of food, but guess what? I have no kitchen table! My apartment is set up very oddly, and I never found a table small enough to fit, so I am careful of the carpet and eat at the coffee table. So there is no beautiful table spread for me to take a picture of and show you, but I can assure you dinner was superb! I ate until I was too full to eat anymore, but was at that happy medium where I didn’t feel sick. I have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week, and great memories of my first thanksgiving in my own home. I really enjoyed spending time with my dad over cooking, eating, and cleaning up the giant cooking mess (thanks dad!) I am saddened it is over and tomorrow is back to reality, but luckily Christmas isn’t too far off. I hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving, filled with family and friends, and had many things to be grateful for!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap…

    • Thanks mom! I could kick myself for not watching the stuffing. It was edible for dad, but I sort of had to choke it down (with lots of gravy on it.) But it did taste just like yours, not burnt of course. šŸ˜‰

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