My Goal List For 2013

So it may be a little early but I decided to start working on my goal list for the year 2013. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions because I never stick with them. They feel like empty words with no meaning, because I know I won’t follow through with them. So I decided to make a goal list instead. So much less pressure! They are just goals, if I don’t achieve one, so what? They are not hard fast things I have to adhere to, just things that I want to try to achieve.Β  But at the same time it gives me things to work towards during the the new year, and it gives each day of the year meaning.

So here goes the list, in no particular order of achievement!

1. Work out regularly. Since it soon will be winter it will probably be workout DVDs, but at least that allows for variety!

2. Start school in the fall to get my MLS degree.

3. Meet my soul mate.

4. To work towards reaching my goal weight, and develop an athletic attitude. I want to be fit and healthy, not just skinny. It will take time, patience, and willpower but I finally feel like it’s time I can achieve this. It’s my time to shine!

5. Pay down my debt and budget more wisely.

6. Learn to hip hop dance.

7. Read and finish at least 1 book each month.

8. To marry the man of my dreams at the courthouse, and have a party in our backyard for friends and family. I want to marry a man that will love me for who I am forever, flaws and all, and I will love him the same way back. We will weather many storms together, as well as many times of happiness, and he will be a wonderful, responsible, and loving father to our children.

9. Start saving money each month. Even if it’s just $5. My goal is to start saving up an emergency fund of $500-$1000 dollars.


10. Find time to meditate everyday. I want to be healthy mentally, just like I want to be physically. I can find peace, joy, relaxation, tranquility, and happiness by making my mind healthy and strong.

11. Develop lean muscle. I would love to have arms and a back like this! Plus developing muscle will help with my repetitive motion injuries, a win-win.

12. De-clutter my apartment and organize it.

13. Cut refined sugar, white flour, and dairy out of my diet so I can stop having migraines.

14. Attend a live Katy Perry concert.



12 thoughts on “My Goal List For 2013

    • I’m still looking into schools. It will for sure be an all online school though. I luckily work with someone who gets “The Library Journal” magazine, and it had a section on all the different library science schools. I figure I will do some research from what schools they listed. I was thinking Clarion University, but now I have others to look into. Where are you going?

  1. Every year I have the goal to workout everyday and shine,but πŸ˜€ do you push yourself towards it?

    • I have no idea really, ha ha! I don’t think there is any special way to push yourself to workout. I may start with 2 days a week, and build up from there. To be honest I’m tired of feeling the way I do, and that is really good motivation. I think you have to get to that place of being so tired of where you are at that the only way you know you will feel better is to exercise. But don’t worry it’s been on my goal list each year too, lets see if I can stick with it this year! :p

    • I hope so! I help order things for the library, and found a DVD that is related to the newest Step Sup movie coming out on DVD. I thought that would be fun, and plus I can learn to dance on my own, without feeling embarrassed that people are watching me, LOL!

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