Not How I had Planned My Evening…

So I decided after work today it was laundromat time. I was pretty sure I was going to have to go to the bank, but as I was digging through my purse for the ziplock baggy I keep my laundry money in to see how many quarters I had, and instead I found….and a $5 bill! Score! I was super psyched about that. I totally forgot I saved that the last time I was here.

I usually go once a week to do laundry, and try to go on the off hours, like after I get off work in the evenings during the week. I try not to go on the weekends. My reason: usually the three $1.75 washers are taken. These are the good-old-fashioned top load washers. They of course are the first to be used because they are the cheapest. If you want to use one of the newer washers that is the same size (but I honestly swear, they are smaller) you have to pay a dollar extra. I mean really, an extra dollar for a newer machine that works the same???

I usually have two loads of laundry, whites and dark’s. Tonight I decided I could get away with just doing my dark’s. Basically I was out of clean clothes so they had to be done. To be honest I REALLY didn’t want to go out tonight. I hate that it gets dark so early now, and it was 19 out and breezy. If anyone who has ever lived in the Midwest knows, that breeze cuts RIGHT through you. I came home from work, and smashed all my dirty clothes into the laundry basket, made sure I had detergent, and lugged my computer bag over my shoulder. I struggled down the stairs and heaved the basket into the front seat of my car.

So far not fun. But my only motivation was that once I got my laundry in a washer, I could go down the strip mall a ways and go to the coffee shop. They have THE BEST hot caramel apple cider. It is great and it’s only $3 bucks for their largest size. Much cheaper then their coffees. So I pull into the parking lot in front of the laundromat, and look down at the coffee shop, no open sign on, and it’s dark. I hate to swear but my thought was, damn. So I decided for the next best thing, a fountain drink from the Quizno’s next door.  So I had at least one more thing to look forward too, getting to watch “Once Upon a Time” on my laptop. Well guess what, it wouldn’t load. So I thus decided to start this blog, mind you with frozen fingers because it was FREEZING in there. I even had my coat and a sweater on!

To top things off I had to get gas on the way home. By now my teeth were chattering. I haven’t zipped my nylon shell to my fleece liner of my coat yet because so far we have been blessed with 40-50 degree weather all of November. And to top my night off, I pulled in my apartment’s parking lot and had the realization I left my brand new bottle of laundry detergent at the laundromat. Let’s just say the two dollars I spent on it on sale, was not worth going back for. Maybe somebody will get good use of it, or it will be in the lost and found when I go back???

But to end the night, I am climbing in my bed that I just put my red sheets on, which match my lovely Christmas pillowcases made by my wonderful mom. That should be a sweet ending to my Monday!


2 thoughts on “Not How I had Planned My Evening…

    • I know! I am grateful we have such a nice one here though, I saw dad’s in Hawarden, and thought “Oh, my goodness! I am SO lucky!” It was nice to be alone too, I listened to music and did part of this blog. I could just kick myself for leaving my detergent there though! I was in a hurry to get out obviously 😉

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