So lately my repetitive motion injury in my hands has flared up again. I was doing so well for a few months, and ironically, and stupidly about a month ago I said “wow, I haven’t had any hand or wrist pain in forever!” Flash forward a month, and I am kicking myself for uttering those words. What I need to do is rest my wrists and hands when I get home from work, and that includes icing and heat. I guess what I’m trying to say is writing blogs probably aren’t the best activity for my hands and wrists at the moment. This angers me! I love my library job, but darn you job at the same time! I can probably do simple blogs with pictures, those don’t require much typing, so if you don’t hear from me much for a little while don’t be concerned!

I was in physical therapy for about 6 weeks when I first started struggling with this. I was diagnosed with an inflamed carpal bone, a fatigued muscle in my right arm, and nerve constriction in both my arms. It took massage, ultrasound, and an electronical muscle stimulation device to help with the pain. I had to do a lot of work with weights, and stretches to strengthen the muscles I use in my arms and wrists which also helped ease my nerve constriction. My favorite exercise (insert sarcasm here) was when my physical therapist, who was about 6’3, would hold up an 8 pound weight, make me grab it, and hold it up at shoulder level for 5 seconds, then slowly lower it to my side. Repeat 5 times. Believe me 5 seconds was a LONG time. Thank goodness he would grab it at my side and raise it back up when I finished a rep! Just goes to show you how much upper body strength I have, ha ha!

I did make a very good recovery, but if I overwork my hands at work, boom instant pain. I don’t wear my brace unless I am having problems, but I think this time I didn’t catch the pain fast enough. I am a little concerned because both hands, wrists, and upper arms are hurting. Not just my right this time. I know I have fatigued muscles in both arms, and my wrist and hand muscles are screaming, “Stop! Stop!” At work my hands are my livelihood, I use them for EVERYTHING! So giving them some tender loving care is important. I don’t want to develop carpal tunnel, so I am trying to take care of myself. Heat, ice, massage, my brace, and ibuprofen are my best friends right now.

You have no idea how hard it will be to not write a blog, copying and pasting pictures is easy, so maybe I’ll be creative that way. Let’s just say blogging has become an addiction! I will take this opportunity though and use it to enjoy sitting and watching Christmas movies while I ice and heat my hands. On my Que: “12 Men of Christmas,” “Call Me Mrs. Miracle,” “Lucky Chri$tmas,” and “A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride.” I need a reminder to slow down every now and then, and not spend all my time on the internet. So maybe this is that sign. Today marks exactly 3 weeks until my trip back home to Colorado, so that 10 day break from work will be great for my ailing hands and arms as well. So I say Au Revoir to you for now in writing, but will still post fun picture posts. I’ll let you know how my hands, wrists, and arms fare.


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