Yes, more…

So I can’t help it. Here are some more pictures from the “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.”  These pictures are of Bella’s wedding dress. I think we all can’t deny that it is simply stunning! I would love a dress like that, as would many other woman!

If only I could afford a Couture Carolina Herrera wedding gown though…


3 thoughts on “Yes, more…

    • I know right! You should see the whole wedding scene in the movie, any woman’s dream! Carolina Herrera made the gown for the movie, but I believe she ended up adding it to her collection because there was such a demand for it. Even though it is beautiful I’m not sure I would wear a dress from a movie, I’d rather be the unique, individual me.

      • but you could take the best features of the gowns you love and make them into your unique dream gown. Like the back for sure, but maybe not such a plain front?? I didn’t see the film but I listen to the Thousand Years song over and over again.

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