On A Mission

So there has been this horrendous, and hideous stomach bug going around the town I live in. No one is immune. I work at a library, so when people come in to get DVDs for their sick kids, I end up touching the contaminated case when it comes back. Mind you that’s the same with books. I am exposed to pretty much every virus imaginable. So far because I have worked in libraries for so long I have built up a pretty good immune system I think, all except for the occasional cold and the twice a year sinus infection. But hearing about this stomach virus scares me. It sounds like absolute hell, sorry to swear. With me traveling so soon I am taking every precaution to make sure I don’t get sick before the trip, when I get there, or on the way home.

I was told by my mom that Oregano Oil is a great anti-viral herb, so she recommended I go get some and start taking it now. Mind you I am sitting on my couch at this time watching the tree whip around in the wind outside my window and hearing the wind howl past my window. I have to drive to Wal-Mart to get some , which is about 18 miles away, because all the pharmacies are closed here because it’s Sunday. Blast that almost every important thing is closed on Sunday! Only a few select stores are open here on Sunday.  But to protect myself from illness it was worth it. So I get all bundled up, and get out to my car, just about sit in the seat, and notice there is a torn strip of notebook paper with writing on it slipped under my windshield wiper. Crap! I think. Thoughts of a car hitting my car in the lot causing damage, or a note that I have a flat tire, speed through my head.

I get out and grab it. Well I sort of had to peel it from the ice sticking it to the windshield. So I get in my car and start to read the  note. It reads: “(5 names listed I will keep them anonymous) have found where you live we don’t know which apt. is yours 😦 But we will soon find out. See you Monday!” So obviously this note was not meant for me, since I know none of those people. I am pretty sure it was meant for my female neighbor who drives a champagne colored Honda sedan, that looks very similar to my silver Toyota sedan, especially in the dark, and we were parked next to each other. So I hope she doesn’t have a bunch of stalkers, and that nothing happens to her on Monday. She won’t be prepared because she didn’t get the note!

So I drive to Wal-Mart, have to park in the boondocks because it’s Christmas, brave the freezing wind, and safely enter the store. Luckily I didn’t need only the Oregano Oil capsules, because guess what, they didn’t have any. The vitamins are alphabetized and it went straight from Niacin to Primrose Oil, skipping right over the O’s. So I went and got my stuff for my trip I needed. Did anyone ever tell you how much luggage tags are? Outrageous! But I shelled out anyways. I invested in some anti-bacterial hand wipes, a good investment I think. And I bought a sugar free Red Bull, my very first, and for my all nighter plane trip night. I have never had one before, so it will be an experience drinking it. So I leave Wal-Mart and get on the highway, and begin to speed up and see HyVee. Maybe they have Oregano Oil capsules? So I quickly turn off the highway, brave the frigidness again, and go in. None. Total bust for what I really needed.

All in all an adventure. I will have to make another trip back tomorrow early before work to put money in the bank, and go to the pharmacy there, who will surely  have it. I’m just mad I made a trip that wasted gas since I am pinching every penny for my trip. Oh well, that’s how life goes!


5 thoughts on “On A Mission

    • I know, I hope not either! I got some hand sanitizer wipes and put them in my work bag, I will be using them often I think working at a library is sort of like working at a school. Sure I’m not stuck in a classroom all day with sick kids, but I have kids coughing at me on the other side of the counter without covering their mouth (I mean really don’t parent’s teach their kids to cough into their elbows anymore?), and I touch keyboards tons of people touch, as well as books and tons of other materials, and I also sometimes touch unknown liquids that are on books and DVDs that come through the book drops (ewwww!!! I hate this!)

      • oh no, you said unknown liquids!!!!noooo. could you wear non-latex gloves? I don’t know what parents are doing new. that’s the other reason I don’t teach. the kids are really just little savages.

      • Little germ factories! I don’t think I could ever be a teacher. One of my coworkers is a preschool teacher, and only works at the library once a week and once a month. I can’t imagine spending all day around a bunch of preschoolers, or any children in school right now with the flu going around LOL, I could wear latex gloves, but I may look a little odd. Don’t even get me started on the kids room. How many moms I see let their kids play with the toys in there, and see them stick them in their mouth, after I just saw another kid do the same thing. When I am a mom, my child is banned from playing with toys in a playroom like that. A little harsh yes, but on the safe side.

      • I don’t think it’s harsh, I didn’t let mine play in public places with things like that. there’s really no reason, it’s not like you’re depriving them of anything valuable, except maybe getting some lice or well, anything. I thought a library is a place to teach them to respect books and love to read and learn, toys are for a different location. I’m a bit weird, I know.

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