So I Totally Forgot!

So  like a numbskull I totally forgot in my previous post on my favorite TV shows that my #1 favorite is not in fact “Alias” (it would be #2,) but instead is “Ghost Whisperer.” I own every season, and have watched them more than Alias, probably 3 or 4 times at least. I guess what hooks me about this show is the wonderful relationship between Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt,) and her husband Jim, played by (David Conrad.) In case you don’t know the plot is that Melinda can see ghosts and she helps them crossover into the light. Jim has always been believing, and accepting of this, and helps his wife through the sometimes traumatic and tumultuous crossing over of ghosts. But what I truly love about this show is Melinda’s wardrobe! It is very vintage inspired, in fact in the show she owns her own antique shop “Same As It Never Was,” but I was glued to every episode when I started watching it because I wanted to see what she would wear. So here are some pictures of some great looks worn by Melinda. Also, I highly recommend the show, even though it seems cliche it does manage to stay original and not get old. It is canceled now, and there are five seasons, so you would have to watch it on DVD. Enjoy!


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