Slowly Falling Apart

So you all know the back story that I have about the ongoing repetitive motion injury I have in my hands and wrists. Well about a week ago I went to my boss and told her to contact the City Administrator to let him know they were bothering me again, and to see if I could get in to the Dr. I never saw one last time, I was just referred to physical therapy by the nurse. Well this was a Friday, and my boss called and left him a message, but as I have found out, that guy is SO hard to get a hold of and pin him down to do something. I knew I would have to ask my boss on Monday if she had heard from him. I have to needle her to contact him and get me the help I needed. The same thing happened last time I had to get workman’s comp.

Well during the weekend not only did my wrists hurt, but slowly my forearms began to hurt, my elbows, and upper arms. So Monday rolls around and I ask my boss if she had talked to the City Administrator. The answer was no, big surprise  She was going to city hall which is directly behind our building, so she said she would see if he was in and ask him about it. Well in the meantime we are standing opposite of each other, and she cocks her head and asks “are you standing normal?” and I’m like “yeah, why?” She replies, “well, one of your shoulders is higher than the other.” Fantastic. Not only are my whole arms messed up, but now my shoulders are too. I hadn’t noticed it, and live with no one to point it out, so I have no idea how long it had been that way. She goes to city hall, and guess what? The administrator was gone until Friday, and my boss had Friday off. Just fantastic.

As the day goes by I begin to notice “Oh, okay. Something is definitely wrong with that shoulder.” It began to hurt incredibly bad around the front, and back. Mind you I work 5-6 days a week, with 7 or 8 hours a shift. During these shifts I shelve, check in books, check out books, reach in our incredibly deep book bins to retrieve returns, lock and unlock DVD cases, and cover books. All this done consistently for that whole 7-8 hours of my shift. I work with someone sometimes, otherwise I’m on my own until 3:30 when shelving help comes in.

I got home, and decided there was no way I could work a full next day, so I ended up calling in. So it’s a long story so I will just cover the important parts. I ended up making many fruitless phone calls on Tuesday, that got me nowhere closer to getting in to see a doctor. After much pleading, demanding, being a nag and hard ass when I got back to work on Wednesday I finally got the okay to proceed with workman’s comp and to get an appointment with a Dr., thank Goodness! It would be considered workman’s comp unless the doctor deemed otherwise. So I basically prayed all day, going too the appointment, in the waiting room, in the exam room before the Dr. came in, and during the appointment and tests, that it was work related. I was positive that it was since I haven’t injured that area at all, or had any pain until it pointed out to me. But there is always that chance the Dr. will think otherwise.

My appointment  was at 3 and I was fairly positive that I could get back to work by 4 or close to it. Yeah, try not. I did get in to see the Dr. quickly, but I had never been to this clinic so the nurse had to take all my info and put it in my computer. I wait about 10 minutes for the Dr. He breezes in tells me his name, but never pauses to shake my hand. Every new Dr. I have ever had always has looked me in the eyes, shook my hand, and tells me their name. He proceeds to ask me why I am there, and basically doesn’t completely listen to everything I say. I didn’t really like him right off.  He ends up looking at my shoulder and back, and tells me he needs to consult with one of his colleagues. “Crap!” I think. What is so wrong he has to consult someone else? His colleague suggested I have X-rays done. So at this point I am more worried about having to pay for x-rays out of  pocket rather then my health, sick I know. X-rays took about 20 minutes,then  I had to sit to get back in to see the Dr., another 10 minutes. He returns briskly, and informs me they are treating it as left upper back and shoulder muscle strain caused by work related duties. Hallelujah! I was supposed to be back at work at 4, well yeah I didn’t make it there until close to five.

So for now I am on prescription anti-inflamatory’s, I can’t put my hands above my head, or lift more than 10 pounds. My doctor was glad I had 9 days off starting this coming week. I have a physical therapy appointment on Monday to teach me some stretches. I am thinking major hurt after that appointment since I work straight through from 10 a.m until the appointment at 3:30. So I will be sore already, and then my arm get’s a work out, not sounding pleasant If it lasts an hour though, there is no use going back to work since I would only be there for another half an hour. That means I am on VACATION after that!

My wonderful dad helped me do laundry today. We had a great day, he bought me coffee and a muffin, and we sat and talked in the coffee shop while my laundry washed. He messed around on his laptop a little and showed me funny stuff, and I fiddled around with my new Kindle Fire 7 HD (yes, I am so psyched! I read some of a book on it last night, and it is fantastic because it doesn’t hurt my hands or wrists to hold and read!) So rest and vacation is coming soon, otherwise I may become a a cripple if I continued to work the next 9 days.

Just kidding.


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