Happy Travels!!!

So here we go I am getting ready to set off on my way to Colorado! I will have to leave my house at about 3:30 a.m. I decided to just stay up because I would have to get up at 2 a.m. to get ready to go. I take at least half an hour to fall asleep (usually closer to an hour,) and can’t deeply sleep when it’s light out. I don’t want to be groggy and trying to wake up and get going, especially since I have such a long drive. So I briefly got a nap in around 3, until of course my cellphone rings, and it’s the airport shuttle for tomorrow from Denver International Airport (DIA,) to Fort Collins. Of course I had to be all cozy and warm, and it scared the crap out of me when it rang because barely anyone ever calls me on that. It’s basically for emergencies. I answered it because the phone call location said Bakersfield, CA which is what my dad’s phone number says when he calls me from Skype. Anyways, the guy told me everything I already knew and had written down, so I guess you could say that means I’m prepared. I would have loved to doze longer, but I did probably get a half hour power nap in. I finished a book on my Kindle today as well, so I have a pick of a few new ones to start at the airport, and also some magazines to look at.

I’m hoping my energy drinks keep me going through the night. I just had my first sugar free Red Bull. Not really impressed with the taste, but I do feel more awake. I have two other double shot Starbucks espresso energy drinks in my fridge. If I have to make a late night run for more energy I’m prepared, I know the local grocery store is only open until 10.

I had my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder yesterday, It was kind of funny the same man that helped me with my hands, and was a physical therapy intern at the time, is my physical therapist this time too. Now he is an official physical therapist. I learned a couple stretches to practice a few times a day, and he used some of the electric stimulation devices they have on the muscle on my shoulder, plus a heat pack. I must say it was quite nice, but I know PT starts that way, but usually you end up working your a** off. I don’t think he would be pleased to know I am pulling a 39 pound suitcase (yes I weighed it, and had to take stuff out because it was too close to 50 I.B.’s) plus I have a carry on backpack with my computer and other things in it. Oh, and plus my purse with my Kindle in it, that will weigh the least. I have an appointment with my PT again the day after I get back, so hopefully I won’t be too messed up because I will have 2 suitcases, plus my backpack, and purse when I come back.

I’m pumping myself up that I can navigate the airports easily, and find where to catch the shuttle at DIA. DIA is the one thing I am worried about because it is so huge. The Sioux Falls, SD airport should be a breeze because it’s so small. But I have been told by many people to not be afraid to ask for help, and that help is everywhere. I know I will do fine I have been assured by many people that if they can fly and get to their planes on time and easily, so can I. I just worry about my sense of direction (it’s pretty crappy.) I am sure I will surprise myself though and end up saying to myself  “why was I so worried!” Luckily the weather is cooperating as well. Cloudy tonight when I’m driving, and I’ll miss the 70% chance of snow in the afternoon tomorrow. I need to look up CO’s weather, but hopefully it’s favorable. But at least I don’t have to drive from Denver to Fort Collins in whatever the weather because the shuttle driver gets that honor.

So I will try and write a post or two while I am home for the holidays. I am sure there will be some funny stories to share about the airport, and my family. I’m making no promises though. I may be too busy, or just want to hang with my family. I promise to try and keep you informed! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. I also hope all your shopping is done 😉 My gifts are all ready wrapped, and in my suitcases. Have a great week!


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