I’m Here!

So I safely made it to Colorado, 2 days ago, sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy and exhausted from traveling. It was an adventure though. I’ll try and make it short and sweet about my airport experience, but I can’t make any promises…

So I ended up not being able to stay up all night the night/morning of the trip. I went to bed at around 11 p.m. and got up at 2:30. I finished packing up my bags finally, checked outlets and the heat, and lugged my 39 pound suitcase down the stairs and into my car’s backseat. I went back up and got my backpack, turned all the lights off and locked the door. Colorado bound!

I left town a little before 3:30, I got to the airport right around 5, got my ticket easily (I was the only one in line!) and headed towards security. This is where the only humorous part of the trip, happens. I didn’t bring my laptop, because I have access to a computer here, so I simply plopped all my items in different bins, and proceeded towards the full body scan. I go through, and at the end am approached by the female security guard, she asks “do you have anything in your back pocket ma’am?” I tell her “no, but my pockets are studded,” and I lift my sweater and show her. She tells me “I am going to have to pat you down, which we can do privately, or out here.” I was thinking “Oh, jeeze just get it over with” So I got my butt patted down in front of all security, and other passengers going through security, ha , ha! They tested my hands with some type of round fiber cloth in this machine, and it beeped which I guess meant I was fine. I grabbed my things and went to find my gate which was merrily the first one!

I waited at my gate for awhile, read a a magazine on my Kindle Fire, and watched the news on the mounted TV in front of me. Come to find, out it was snowing in Denver at the moment, and we were supposed to get hit around 3 in Iowa with winter weather and snow, so I just missed it. I board the plane, and of course it has to be de-iced, and of all things  they had to run tests and fix one of the engines because I guess they have problems with it in cold weather. So I think we sat on the runway for 30-45 minutes until we finally took off. I think the flight was longer too because of the bad weather.

So we end up getting into DIA at around 8:25, and all these people may miss their flight because we were so late, some flights would hold, others would not. I rushed out of the plane because I had a 9 am shuttle to catch. I managed to find my way to baggage (in record time mind you for having NO idea where I was going, thank goodness for prominent signs, and kind of, sort of knowing the airport) I frantically tried to remember which baggage area ours was dumping into, and didn’t want to run up and down looking at 6 signs on different carousels of what baggage was coming from where. Finally I remembered, and I found the baggage carousel, and my luggage was like the fifth one out. I book it to where the shuttle is supposed to meet us, and find all these people standing around. Come to find out it was running very late, so I rushed for nothing. I took that 45 minutes to try and catch my breath and calm down, but I was so hyped up! I think we waited for the shuttle for close to an hour.

The shuttle driver drove like a bat out of hell, even on the crappy roads. But I got home safe to my drop off point where my mom was waiting. She had called me on my cell when I was on the shuttle and asked me where I was, but  had no idea because everything has been so built up since I was last here. The woman in front of me kindly told me where we were.

I am super happy to be home. But it feels different, I don’t feel as connected to it anymore. Mind you I still love it here, but it just doesn’t feel the same. I still want to end back up here, but just seeing how expensive it is, and knowing I want to go back to school makes me know I’m living in the right state right now. I haven’t missed the traffic where people don’t know how to drive or use their turn signals (pet Peeve), or the guy that was riding his bike down the middle of a street lane not scooting over with cars behind him, or the rude people coming into Wal-Mart and their snarky comment. But I still love it here.

My brother took me to dinner at a place called “Spoons” which is in the downtown area. They have amazing soups, and amazing sandwiches. I had a mushroom barley soup and a  turkey club sandwich on Foccia bread. It was very good! We had to walk quite a ways to get there, but it is simply gorgeous right now. All the trees down the street are twinkling with lights, the stores are all decked out for Christmas.

We stopped in a store that I got a gift for a friend at and it was so packed with amazing beautiful stuff you could barely walk around. I ended up buying her a gift, and a little something for myself. My favorite last night was a man with a cardboard sign that read “Naughty or Nice?” he said “Merry Christmas” as we passed but I couldn’t help but to feel unsettled, ha ha. I will leave you with that, which only usually happens in big cities. I’ll try and write again soon!


2 thoughts on “I’m Here!

    • I love being home! We had a balst going to all our old haunts today, and some have been drastically updated since I have been gone. Like Joann’s Fabrics It is now in a building that used to be a lumber and home improvement store. We had a blast! You would die, so much better than Michaels, thousands of square feet of everything you can imagine!

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