Love’in Life in Colorado

So finally I think I have caught up on sleep, of course it took me sleeping all day yesterday. I mean seriously I spent ALL day sleeping. My mom went home to use her sewing machine, and I accompanied her. I settled in on the recliner downstairs, and mom gave me a piece of her favorite gum, I popped open a can of Diet Pepsi, and qued up the new “Total Recall” movie on my Kindle. Well about 10 minutes into it I got VERY sleepy. So I decided to turn it off, and close my eyes. I am not one to nap, but boy BOOM as soon as my eyes were closed I was gone. And I mean seriously passed out. Mom came down at one point and had cut herself with her new scissors, and I half consciously helped her find a band aid.

I realized at this point that I still had the gum in my mouth. A miracle it hadn’t have fallen out of my mouth onto the nice chair, or I hadn’t chocked on it. Mom invited me upstairs to lay on her bed, which I happily accepted. Well I curl up, and pass out so much that I never even heard the sewing machine going. When it was time to leave it took everything I had to pull myself out of bed. We got back to the place we are staying  at 2, and I went back to bed and didn’t get up until it had gotten dark at 5:30. Traveling had caught up with me. Three and a half hours of sleep before travel, over an hour drive to the airport, and the stresses of going through both airports didn’t agree with me. Good news is today I feel much more refreshed and happy. It’s amazing what a day, and night (yes, I slept all night too) of sleeping will do for you! Also, I can assure you I didn’t look like sleeping beauty.

I am loving being back in Colorado! I forgot that their is such a thing as the sun being out all day. In Iowa you have fleeting moments o f sun during the day, or no sun at all, and sometimes gloom for days and days at a time. The snow that was falling when I arrived, is almost all melted. In Iowa my dad reports it was nine yesterday, and it had snowed two to three inches in Iowa the day I arrived here in Colorado. Here yesterday it is was forty-two and sunny. I’m finally getting to use my new-ish sunglasses, and zipped the nylon shell off my coat so only the fleece part remained! Forties with no snow, I’ll take getting to be here with such nice weather! I forget how much I miss the sun, it really does lift your mood and make the day feel better.

I have loved house sitting in the place that we are at right now. It is a cozy little place, in the old part of town, ironically enough not even a block away from my old high school. It has been fun to drive by my old school, or see students walking to school earlier this week, and remember my time there. It’s been eight years since I graduated, but it doesn’t feel nearly that long. The dog we are house sitting for I have known since he was a puppy. Zippy is a Bichon, and has always been a dog with such character and a sweet disposition. I adore that little dog! It is so nice to see him again, and spend time with him, but he is a much older Zippy than I remember. Poor little guy is in pain due to arthritis, although he does still have some zip in him. After returning home from visiting all our old haunts with my mom the other day, we came home to an exuberant Zippy. He raced from the kitchen to the living room, and back many times, and I saw the puppy in him that I so long ago remember.

For today not many plans. Me and mom are watching one of the versions of “A Christmas Carol,” while she works on Christmas crafts and I write this blog. We have to run one errand, but tonight we are going to go look at Christmas lights. I want to take pictures of downtown Fort Collins. It is simply magical down there. Plus I want to take her to the shop me and my brother visited the other night. It is amazing, filled to the max with treasure after treasure. You can barely move without running into some beautiful knick-knack. There are many amazingly decorated houses that we would like to see as well. You can print a map of the houses, and I think we will take a trip around town. I will post some pictures if I get any good ones of houses, and downtown.

So for now I am enjoying being with the family I miss, and being in sunny Colorado. I look forward to Christmas eve, my brother is coming over and he is going to spend the night. I plan on taking some current family pictures, and look forward to opening gifts. I think everyone can agree that is something to look forward too! We are also having prime rib, and potato lovers salad. A wonderful meal! I am happy to be home, in a place I feel comfortable, with a dog I so sweetly remember house sitting when he was a puppy, and being in sunny Colorado with my mom and brother. Oh, and that the world didn’t end on the 21st!


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