New Year’s Food For Thought

I will keep this post short and sweet. I hope you are having a fantastically fun, yet safe, New Year’s Eve. My choice on how to spend the night? Cozy in my bedroom, eating junk food, drinking Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, watching movies and reading books on my Kindle, and happily enjoying my heat packs on my strained shoulder muscle. Boring, yes. But that is just how I like it. Drinking, and the bar or club scene, not my thing. We will see if I even make it until midnight (I am really going to try!) Tomorrow though I am looking forward to a fun lunch with my wonderful dad at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It’s the simple things that bring me joy, and happiness.

I just wanted to share with you the conversation I had with my mom on the phone tonight. We were talking about saying “this is going to be a great year!” My mom made me think that the following  idea was profound, and one I had never thought of before when New Year’s rolls around. Each day is knew and holds endless possibilities. Tomorrow when you wake up, it will be a new day, and there will be another one to follow. I realized that rather than looking at the year as a whole, I want to live my year day-by-day. Each one full of joy, and even pain, that’s all part of life. Celebrate each day. To be in the present, rather than looking ahead at the whole year, this is what I want and need.

Only look at today

Just food for thought. My mom is very wise I must add. There are many changes I want to make this year, and I am putting some things in God’s hands. But I get to live my life just in today. And I can have the comfort and knowledge in knowing I will wake up to a clean slate, a new day.


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