Heading Down a Different Road

Title on imgur “Just a cat in a bubble bath.”

It has been forever since I have blogged and I apologize. My life has been a little hectic and up in the air right now. I have just been feeling tired, and worn down. Facebook has lost it’s allure, and for the first time I haven’t been consistent at checking it numerous times of day like I used to. I do love when I log on though to see messages from my dad with humorous pictures that we can have fun bantering conversations about. My brother and my dad are trying to turn me over to the dark side and become obsessed with imgur, and image sharer website. I am adamantly refusing, but I have a feeling that their needling won’t end. Above is an example of some of it’s randomness, and this is a mildly funny picture, believe me there is far more wackiness on this sight. But again I didn’t want to search the site and get hooked 😉I have been in physical therapy for the past several weeks, two times a week for my strained shoulder muscle. I was just released today, and feel a little scared. I am still in pain, but it is up to me to keep stretching my muscles on my own, and hopefully ease some of my pain. I liked being in physical therapy because it felt like I was being taken care of. Kind of messed up I know, but with my mom not here, it felt good to have someone stretch my muscles, and use methods to help my pain. I will miss this, weird I know, but now it’s up to me to stretch my muscles and take care of myself alone.

My physical therapist told me unfortunately this is will always be an ongoing problem that I will have to work on. I quite frankly am pissed that I will be plagued with this, and have to do constant work to keep it in check, all thanks to my job right now and their messed up politics regarding my injury. Very frustrating, so this doesn’t add any positives to my happiness, stress level, or energy level at the moment. Being in pain saps me of any motivation, or ambitions I have. Hopefully I can get the pain in check soon, so I can focus on some life decisions I have made recently.

It has been a time of big decisions as well. I can’t share what they are at the moment, but I will when the time is right. I am scared shitless about these decisions, but they feel so right at the same time. I feel a sense of relief, and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am taking a leap of faith. It’s funny I came across an article in the current issue of Oprah Magazine about making leaps for your dreams despite being in fear. I am excited, scared, fearful, and unsure of how everything will turn out, but I know that the decision I made is right, the right one for me. It makes me feel free, and not trapped anymore.

It’s time to start taking care of myself, and this is my way of doing it. I realized I have been putting my well-being on the back burner for quite awhile. It’s my time to shine I decided. Taking a leap of faith, and putting my plans in the hand of my higher power is super scary. We all know you can make what you think are great plans, but God or your higher power tells you, and often shows you a different path. I have a good feeling everything will work out just as it should. Maybe a scarier decision, but a better one. So that’s where I am at. I keep coming across quotes that speak to me at the moment, and that don’t seem ironic that they show up at the right time. So I am on the journey of life, and am looking forward to the changes I plan to put into action in the coming months. Simply put, it’s my time to shine, and put Elyse first. I will keep you all informed!On a side note, and a lighter one, I have had a great time this weekend watching the new movie Pitch Perfect!

It is centered around several college groups of A capella singers, and their goal to make it to nationals and win the coveted trophy and honors of being the best A capella group. The Barden Bella’s are stuck in a rut with the same routine performed year after year, and the unwillingness of their leader the change up their routine and stop putting the audience to sleep. There is much humor, and slap stick comedy to entertain even men. My physical therapist is the one that told me about the movie. His wife I guess had watched it around five times over two days (I have manged 3,) and he had watched it twice with her but hadn’t minded. He said he thinks it’s her new all time favorite movie. I would have to say it’s mine at the moment too. My friend said it is being highly sold at Wal-Mart where she works. And the physical therapist’s student shadow today, admitted she owned it. I will be sad when my rental on my Kindle will expire at 7:30 tonight. Needless to say I am watching it right now as I write. It will be a purchase for sure! The soundtrack is nothing to miss either! If you want a great comedy, with great music I highly recommend this. And how can you go wrong with the HILARIOUS Rebel Wilson, made famous by the movie Bridesmaid’s?


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