Becoming Aware, and a Happy Birthday to You!

It’s funny how you can be unaware of what feelings, attitudes, or vibes you may be giving off. I had a friend this week tell me she could tell I was unhappy by some of my blogs, and by my Facebook status’s and posts. I knew I felt sad, and unhappy, but had no idea people could tell. I am usually pretty good at hiding my emotions. In public places that is, not at home. At home is where I fall apart, ha ha.

I have been told at previous jobs that I always come to work happy, and leave my home life, and problems behind when I come to work. I have been working through horrible pain, and wanting to move back to Colorado, even though I wasn’t fully aware how much so, and that I would actually make the big decision to do it. So I guess I wasn’t hiding it well. At work yes, people would never know I wanted to leave and go home and ice my shoulder, instead I smiled and laughed while I worked. A flaw of mine, something that I need to work on.

So many things have fallen into place with this move. I have had three different  people offer me to store things in their house so I don’t have to put things in storage. Also, I have two different people who will let me stay with them if I need to for a couple of weeks once my lease is up. I am lucky to have such great friends. A job also opened up at a library in a small town near where I’m from in CO. I would LOVE that job, and am qualified for it. I am going to apply, and since I don’t believe in coincidences, I don’t think it’s ironic such a job would open up around when I was going to move. We’ll see I am just letting life take me where I’m meant to go.

Right now I am in the process of selling some of my things on a local site through Facebook that is like Craigslist, but all local people. I have read it has less stalkers than Craigslist, which was comforting, ha ha. So far it has been a lot of work, and so far I have sold 3 things, only paid for one physically so far. Trying to get people to get a hold of you in a timely matter is so frustrating! I am hoping to sell my furniture on there, not until the end of this month though, or early February. The beauty is I can tell them they can buy it, and have to pick it up. No moving for me!

It is a special day today, my dad’s birthday! So here is a happy and light picture to celebrate his birthday, although he may not be feeling happy, and light about his birthday 😉 This picture is in honor of my dad’s sense of humor. A little creepy yes, but come on, you have to see the humor in it? I can just think of his comments now… Happy Birthday dad!

Billy Whiskers Balloons


2 thoughts on “Becoming Aware, and a Happy Birthday to You!

    • I never realized that could happen, until I experienced it. Pain is a strong physical feeling, that can produce strong emotional feelings as well. I discovered I couldn’t continue down the road I was going. As much as I hate being in pain, I am happy it happened because it has helped me change things. I’m excited too!

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