Hugs and Chinese Food

Wow! What hasn’t happened in my life lately? I have a lot to fill you in on! Yesterday was my last day of work. It was bittersweet. I was happy to be moving on so I could leave my physical problems behind, as well as other things, but so sad to leave behind my favorite patrons and all my coworkers. It was sobering to hand in my keys and personnel manual. I had made an effort to tell my favorite patrons goodbye before I left, so I did feel some closure there.

One of my favorite patrons came in yesterday just to give me a hug. He gave me a great big bear hug and whispered in my ear “you are a very special person.” How could that not make your heartstrings tug? Another patron that was adamant that I couldn’t leave (he wanted to start a petition that stated I must stay,) brought me in a bag of chocolates. They were the the Valentine kind and decorated with X’s and O’s. He told me I could eat them all myself, or share them and show people how I felt about them. I did share them, but still have some yet to eat. I can tell you they won’t make it through the night 🙂

I worked until 9 last night, then had some wonderful coworkers put together a party, with my favorite Chinese food and homemade chocolate cake with whipped cream to send me off. It was held at one of my favorite coworkers house. My boss came for a little while, and there where 5 other coworkers who came. We had a great time talking about nothing in particular, just fun things. Not everyone stayed as long as some. The rest, me and three other coworkers, plus our hostess, stayed up until 12:30 am talking before we finally all departed. It was a great sendoff. I got to spend time with the people I have grown to love, and get to put closure on not seeing them everyday.

I came into the library today to print off some paperwork, and it felt so odd to ask at the desk for a computer pin, to pay one of my now past coworkers my printing fee, and to not go behind the desk at all. It felt almost like there was an invisible barrier, where I couldn’t go through. Obviously it’s still okay to go behind it for certain things, because my boss is leaving my paycheck in my mailbox behind the desk for me to pick up tomorrow. I laughed because I had to stop at the library before I came the second time to print things, because I had to ask a “reference” question. I was trying to find a building to drop something off to someone, and my mapquest directions were completely wrong. I had to go to the library of all places to get the info I needed, ha ha!

I don’t think it has sunk in yet that I am done there. I no longer work at the library. It hit me last night as I was laying in bed. “Oh my God, I’m moving in a month.” That’s the first time I have honestly had a moment of fear about moving. I still feel it will all be alright, and that everything will work out, but it just sort of slapped me in the face. I have been working on selling the little piddly crap you let pile up around your house. The stuff your don’t use anymore, or have replaced. I have made quite a bit of money, and managed to get rid of a lot of stuff.

I have been coming up with a plan of action about how to start tackling packing, and getting rid of furniture. I plan on starting tomorrow by moving some boxes I have already packed to a friends house to store. Once I do that I will have room to start systematically selling off living room furniture. All priced to get rid of, and non-negotiable you must move yourself. That is the one part I won’t budge on with any of the furniture. YOU MUST MOVE IT YOURSELF! I will not lift a finger to help you move it, end of story. Harsh yes, but a reality!

I plan on living in my room in the mean time, that’s not a stretch since that’s where I spend a lot of my time. So I am taking it a step at a time about the move. The only thing I don’t know yet is how to get my stuff out to CO. Worst case, I fly my mom out and we drive my car and a U-Haul out. One tip I have learned so far from a coworker about driving a U-Haul that I will take to heart is, never park a U-Haul where you have to back it up. Always park where you can just pull forward. Good advice. I’ll keep you all in the “moving” loop!


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