Show Me Some Love

So it has been ages since I have blogged. I have been super busy packing up my apartment. It is coming along, slowly but surly. My last day in my apartment is the 26th, so I am starting to feel the pressure to get stuff done. The living room is about the only room that is clean, and almost empty. I sold my coffee table to a very happy woman, someone is coming to pick up my armoire on Saturday, friends are coming tonight to pick up bookshelves. So all that is left is the couch. A woman came to look at it today, and said she really liked it, but had to measure it and weigh prices. I told her I would even take less just to get rid of it. I move in 2 weeks, it’s gotta go, so I am willing to make a deal. She did also take the free 19′ inch TV I have been trying to get rid of. That made me extremely happy!

The kitchen is in the works of being packed up. I have been emptying containers and washing them. I packed my dishes up today, and am now using paper plates and plastic cups. I don’t want to have to deal with dirty dishes to wash. I cleaned the oven today, and the fridge, as well as cabinets I have emptied. I figure if I clean as I go, I will make it easier on myself in the end.I have made several trips to my friends house where I am storing my stuff, and so far the apartment is pretty empty. My room looks like a bomb went off, and I just can’t make it look better. At the moment so does the kitchen, but I amΒ  using the excuse of “hey, I’m moving!” Once the living room is emptied I can try and get the candle ash marks out of my carpet (long story.) So right now it’s the tedious last minute stuff to get done.

I have a wonderful friend, who has actually been a mentor to me, and when I prayed to God one night that I was afraid I had no leads on someone to move me out to Colorado, I woke up to a text from her the next morning, asking if I had found anyone, and when I said no, she offered to drive with her husband their truck with an enclosed trailer out to Colorado with my stuff. She is truly an angel. I can easily pay for the whole trip, and it actually will be so much cheaper than a U-Haul, so again God looking out for me. Tomorrow is Valentines day. I am meeting with my friend to hopefully work out some of the move details. I have an item to drop off to someone, and then I will work on the kitchen some more during the day, but the evening is mine to celebrate. I am going to watch the iconic love story, Dirty Dancing. I also have a new movie to watch that I have been saving just for this occasion. I am going to party because I have decided this is my last Valentine’s day being single. Yes, that is an honest decision. My friend looked at me and said “you are that sure, huh?” And I said “yes, I am.” I am finally moving to a place where there are eligible men. No more guys who are engaged out of high school or college. Plus, there is more variety in Colorado, just stating a fact. So here’s to my last Valentines day as a single woman! Hope you have a great day filled with love, even if you are single, there are still people that love you, just a reminder πŸ™‚


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