Why Do I Torture Myself???

Well I move next Friday. Can you say I’m a little freaked? I am just hoping within the next week everything falls into place. My friend is coming to pick up my stuff from my apartment on Tuesday evening. Everything that needs to be packed, is packed. I have been eating microwavable meals since I already cleaned the stove. I cleaned the fridge and freezer as well since there is practically nothing in either. I cleaned under the stove and fridge today. I must say I honestly was surprised how much crud was under both! The only box left to be sealed is the one with my dishes and silverware in it. Since I am still using some of those, it can’t be closed up until Tuesday.

Tuesday I plan on moving all of my things into the living room so we can move them out easily. All my stuff will be stored in the trailer until we leave early in the am next Friday. I will be staying with a good friend who I met at work, it’s weird to refer to her as a “past work” friend since I still kind of feel like I work there. I also had lunch at my favorite Chinese place here in town with one of my past coworkers, and friend as well. It was fun, and kind of gratifying to hear they all really miss me, and wish I was still there.

There are two other people I need to call so we can get in a final get together, and goodbye, before I leave. I have been putting it off because goodbyes are so hard. I had been so focused on packing, I haven’t really had any feelings about leaving. Last Sunday I went to visit my dad and suddenly I just started crying in the car. It hit me, it was one of the last times I was going to see my dad for awhile. He was good to remind me that this isn’t a goodbye, just a separation. It feels better to think of it that way. I get to have breakfast with him one more time the day I turn my keys in to my apartment. It will be a celebration that I am finally out of my apartment, but sad because it will be the last time I see him. Thank goodness for Facebook chat!

And lastly I will explain the title of my blog today. I have been having fun watching TV shows on my Kindle while I pack since I have no TV in the living room anymore. I had always wanted to watch the show Ringer, starring actress Sarah Michelle Gellar when it was on, but never had cable. I happened across it and decided to start watching. Well I have gotten myself in this position before, I start watching a show that was only on one season, and then is canceled. I always end up so disappointed when I watch these because the ending is never wrapped up. There are always loose ends, someone dies, or there is a big cliff hanger.

So I start to watch Ringer, and get beyond hooked. For those of you who don’t know it’s about twin sisters with complicated lives. Bridget is a recovering drug addict who witnessed a murder, and instead of testifying, runs to her sister Sibohan for help. The day they finally are reunited Sibohan kills herself, or so it seems. Bridget takes over Sibohan’s life, and all the mess it involves. Her sister doesn’t have the fantasy life Bridget thought. In her time posing as Sibohan, Bridget manages to fix relationship problems that her sister had caused, escapes murder attempts, continues to decieve the police that she has no idea where Bridget is, ends up becoming a true mom to her stepdaughter, and falls in love and repairs the relationship with Sibohan’s husband Andrew.

Well let’s just say I got to the ending last night, and was SO pissed. I thought perhaps they knew the show would be canceled, so they would wrap it up nicely. Obviously not, because *SPOILER* come to find out Sibohan is alive living in New York right under Bridget’s nose and manages to escape, Bridget confesses who she is to Andrew thinking he will forgive her, but he kicks her to the curb and is shown leaving with his daughter. Meanwhile Bridget escapes being murdered by who she was going to testify against and discovers Sibohan is alive. From pictures on the internet I thought there was a Happy ending because there were pictures of Andrew and Bridget (as Sibohan) renewing their vows in a lavish ceremony. Come to find out it was just a dream. I mean really?!?!? I am still trying to calm down. Can you tell? So have I learned my lesson about watching one season TV shows? I’m not sure, but I obviously enjoy being mad and disappointed.

I’ll see if I can get a blog in this week when I have some downtime before the move. Otherwise I will be writing you next from Colorado!


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