So Surreal…

I passed this sign on our way into Colorado!

So I am here, home sweet home, in Colorado! I got in early in the evening of March 1st. It was a smooth and easy drive out, and there was no problems with either my friend’s truck towing the trailer with my stuff in it, or my car. I freaked out a little when I met my friends the morning we took off for Colorado. Their truck… an old 80’s pickup. And here I was worried about my little Toyota Carola with a little over 121,000 miles on it! We made amazing time thanks to a different route I have never taken when I have driven out here. Instead of 11-12 hours I believe we got here in about 10-10 1/2. I had my moments driving alone in my packed to the brim car, wondering if I would make it through the whole drive. Thank goodness for a 6 CD changer, mix CD’s blasting my favorite tunes, and of course signing really loud off key to them.

We left at around 7:15 am and got here just as it was getting dark. We decided to unload the trailer right then, my friend even helped me empty my car. All of the stuff in there went into my room, it was precious cargo. Front in center was the prized family possession, a clock, sitting in the front seat next to me because I didn’t trust it being put anywhere else in the car. Yes, that’s right a clock is that special and coveted. It got to share the front seat with my laptop and Kindle. It is a rectangular wood clock, that is barn red and has two drawers on the bottom where it sits on the table. Best of all it chimes every 15 minutes. Annoying to some, but it has become comforting to all of us. We teased for awhile when my mom had it that she would have to leave it in her will to either me or my brother because we both REALLY wanted it. Fighting would ensue. I ended up inheriting it, why is a very long story.

Waves of Feelings

We ordered in pizza with my friends before they headed to their hotel. I was thrilled, Papa John’s pizza. It had been more than five years since I had their pizza. I was very happy! My friends headed off to go get a well deserved sleep, and I crashed in my mom’s room since my bed was still wrapped in plastic. I fell asleep within five minutes, which never happens, and never moved, which again never happens. The next day was sort of a dark day, feelings began to pop up. I knew they where on their way. I had been so focused on packing, and getting out of my apartment I had no time to feel anything. A trip out to Wal-Mart and my beloved Vitamin Cottage made me feel happier. I know I still have some ups and downs ahead of me.

That night we tackled arranging my room and unwrapping my bed. My brother came over for dinner, and later while my mom left to spend time with some friends, my brother took me to get keys made to the house. I was so happy because since leaving Iowa I only had my car key on my key ring, plus a couple key chains. It was fun to go run such an innate errand with my brother, at one of my old favorite hardware stores. I have never had him drive me somewhere on an errand, when we left Iowa he couldn’t drive. It made me realize he’s and adult now, I guess that should occur to me because he is 21, ha ha.

Today I had the day to myself, my mom had to work all day. I spent A LOT of time trying to get my room in order. I still don’t like it even though I spent so much time on it. I may just sit on it though to see if it grows on me. I then decided to head out and hit up some stores. I, for the first time in probably 2 months, put on full makeup. Plus it makes me feel better, and being single, I felt the need to impress, ha ha. I sort of felt like an imposter yesterday when shopping. Like people knew I didn’t belong. We all know that is just my wild imagination running away with itself 😉

Our Local Whole Foods Market

I hit up Whole Foods to get some hamburger, and was amazed with how well I was treated by the staff. The meat counter guy was so friendly, it felt good to be welcomed in a store. I ended up with some seltzer that was on sale (I am trying to give up diet pop,) and some Pink Lady apples (yummm!!!) Next I went to another grocery store, King Soopers, to get my favorite Dole Cesar Salad kits. I signed up for a King Soopers card also, so that made me feel more like a resident. I can even go get my own library card this week because I already got mail with my current address on it! For a librarian that is like getting to eat a whole (in my case) carrot cake by yourself.

sleeping-beauty10So there’s the basic low-down for the moment. There is a lot more going on, but too much to fit in one post. I am going to just try and relax, and start to adapt to my surroundings again. After all it’s only been 2 days. And now I think it is time to go curl up in bed and sleep. The hour time change has thrown me a little. It’s 9:22 pm here now, but of course still feels like 10:22 pm still. So goodnight all, and I will write again soon and let you know about how I am adjusting to my new home, well new despite the fact I grew up here. But let’s just say a lot has changed in 5 years, with me, and the city!


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