So here is a brief rundown of my life right now: eat, look for jobs, eat some more, watch some TV, sleep, eat, look for jobs, eat some more, watch some TV sleep (or not sleep like lately.) I think you get the drift. I ended up applying for a job at Micheal’s craft supply store today, and I plan on applying to Macy’s tomorrow. As we all know if your an adult with bills and rent to pay, you can’t live a long period of time without income. I have other anxiety provoking things I have to do this week, that I have been putting off, but know I can’t any longer. Sigh, facing your fears sucks. So does being an adult sometimes. But one thing is for sure I don’t regret moving back to Colorado. I am so happy to be near my mom and brother, and be back in the city I love. On the plus side, I had a much greater variety of retail jobs to choose from this time since I live in a big city now. So I just have to sit and wait for now. Hard, but I know it won’t be for long.

I just spent yesterday dog sitting for a friend. It was actually quite nice, even though it was just me on a holiday. I did have dinner with my brother though, my poor mom was sick. 😦 I also got to spend time with my favorite little Bichon buddy! I went over around to my friends house around 1, super excited because there where four episodes of my new favorite show “Income Property” on. I can’t even begin to explain how much I am in love with this show. Oh, and HGTV best channel, EVER! So I got to spend 3 hours watching my favorite show, ate a great salmon dinner with my brother (which I cooked, and it turned out fantastic!), and ended the night watching “Pretty Little Liars” on my Kindle in the evening glued to Pinterest (both are addictions at the moment, sigh.)

I LIVE for reruns of “Income Property,” and Tuesday nights when the new episode is on. Okay, I’ll admit I love the show, but have a tiny crush on the host. Okay, I will be honest, a BIG crush. Getting to see him as eye candy ripping apart houses is quite nice, and enjoying a great show, is my reward for all the hard work I have been doing. I have to go do something I am dreading tomorrow, and have been dreading for awhile, but can look forward to my eye candy night as a reward.

Until I can write again, have a great one!


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