My Top 5 Obsessions of the Moment

1. Pretty Little Liars. I am addicted to this show! I have been watching it on my Kindle, and am on my second way through watching the episodes. I also started reading the books the show is based on. I guess I am regressing back to my teens…

2.Property Brothers. HGTV is my go to channel right now. I hardly watch anything else on TV. I must ask how can you go wrong with a show with two hot identical twins buying and renovating houses? The problem is I can’t decide which one I think is cuter. The sort of uptight Drew who does have a wicked sense of humor and is a realtor, or Jonathan who is an illusionist and a contractor who looks good in a tool belt? Who would you choose?

3. Income Property. Another HGTV show that I am in love with. Scott McGillivrary is just a plain nice guy, helping people buy and renovate a home to make an income property. Just say’in nobody looks better in a tool belt.

4. My Kindle Fire HD. I so far have enjoyed watching TV shows, and movies on my Kindle more then I have watched movies on the TV right in front of me. Part of it is since I am living with two other people and sometimes quiet is necessary, I can use headphones with my Kindle. In fact the Pretty Little Liars I have been watching has all been on my Kindle, and I am watching Love and Other Drugs right now, with my Kindle sitting right next to me on my bed. I love its portability too. I can take it downstairs with its stand and watch a TV episode while I cook. Plus, all my books, music, and awesome useful apps, such as Netflix which I just started using are on it. One word. Awesome.

5. Shoveling snow not a fun obsession, but with 23 inches accumulated so far, shoveling is a fact of life. But here’s to staying cozy and warm in this weather. The silver car is mine. Not looking forward to un-burying it for the third time. It’s been snowing since Monday night. Off and on yesterday. And like this all day today so far. The school district who notoriously won’t close for snow has closed all public schools the last two days. All city offices closed, the Sheriffs office even! The town is in a state of emergency. Crazy Colorado springtime weather! Kinda glad I can stay at home and enjoy the snow from the window.



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