My Nose is Burried in a Book, is Yours?

So I have been housebound since last Tuesday, some ice on the sidewalk was not so kind to me. I have eagerly been waiting for Monday’s arrival so I could go run errands with my mom. Mind you they aren’t particularly fun errands, changing my car insurance over, and some other non-thrilling stops. But I longed for the outside air on my face, and to breath in the cool Colorado spring air that has been calling to me from my bedroom window.  A little over dramatic I know, but I was that desperate. Being housebound for so long makes one crazy.

My time spent at home so far has been surrounded around reading books, and watching “Pretty Little Liars” on my Kindle. The shows are based on a series of books by Sara Shepard. They are teen mysteries, but I find it fun to read teen novels once in awhile. They are quick reads, and some still have interesting plots and are well written and can appeal to adults. I’m glad I have had a huge stack of books to tide me over at home. I actually probably have too many books, but I ask, is that possible for an avid reader, and librarian? I will finish the first “Pretty Little Liars” book today. Then on to the next in the series, or maybe mix it up and read a different book. I probably should finish the Julie Garwood novel I have been reading on my Kindle. I’ve been stuck at 69% done for months, ha ha. I have so many other books to read, I don’t know where to start!

So while I bury my nose in my pile of books, here’s some book thoughts for you!

What are you reading?


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