Do You Tattoo?

So for a long time I have been thinking of getting a tattoo. It is still far off since I need to actually find a good paying job first, that as you can guess, is what is most important now. But this is fun to think and plan about. I am sure I want one, but just not sure where, or of what. I find Pinterest to have great ideas. I guess you shouldn’t even get me started about Pinterest, talk about major addiction, especially since I’m stuck in bed. I have always struggled with the permanence issue of tattoos, but if I get one somewhere subtle, and where I won’t regret it, I think I will be fine. My friend (you know who you are lady!) has two very neat tattoos, and I think I can thank her for planting the seed that tattoos can be awesome. Oh, yes, there is the permanence issue, but what about the pain issue? Me+Pain=wussy. That’s what I worry most about. I look at designs that would be quick, and easy. Yet the ornate, neat ones call to me. So I will show you some of my ideas. Tell me what you think. Which one is your favorite, 1,2,3,4 or 5?

1. Feather shoulder tattoo

2. Bird foot tattoo

3. Ankle bow tattoos (LOVE these, but the time and pain…)

4. Dandelion and bird shoulder tattoo

5. “Count every beautiful thing” shoulder tattoo with rose outlines (again LOVE, but time and pain…)


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