Where is Spring?

So I am getting REALLY sick of snow! We are getting another storm at the moment. We have probably gotten 10 inches so far, of VERY heavy wet snow. Can I say I’m kind of grateful I have an injured knee so I can’t shovel? 😉 I had a job interview today, but ended up rescheduling. It worked out though because the interview I have next week is for a job I would like even better. I felt really bad cancelling on an interview hours before I was supposed to attend, worried it would make me look bad, but the woman was very nice and accommodating. She knew about my knee from my last phone conversation, so she was understanding. I am looking forward to hopefully finally having a job! Money, have I mentioned how much I miss having it?

So how will I spend a day like this?snow

Probably something to this effect…

Watch some “Hart of Dixie”

Finish watching “Downton Abbey” season 3

Read (not sure which book yet, I have multiple ones going)

Enjoy hot tea, or coffee in my favorite mugtea

And just plain stay cozied up and warm!


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