Good Old Nostalgia

I have been feeling stressed lately and was trying to think of a good pick-me-up. I was flipping through my DVD’s, my favorites I didn’t pack up when I moved, I put them all in a CD binder and packed the cases. Of course, being the organized person that I am, the DVDs are all alphabetized. I came to the T’s and there were all my Twilight DVDs. Those all bring up such happy memories, I decided it was time to watch them again.

I met my first friend, soon to become best friend, in Iowa thanks to Twilight. The first movie was released a few months after I moved to Iowa, and I was asked by my friend to come to the midnight showing with her and a group of other girls. For me to go was huge, because I’m not a real midnight showing sort of girl, too late, and I had never been interested in reading the books nor seeing the movie. I simply went with encouragement from my mom to make friends, and be with people my own age.

And so began a great friendship, and tons of fun surrounded around Twilight. I saw the original Twilight, and the second movie New Moon, at midnight showings. New Moon was my last one though, after being mobbed and pinned to a door when they let people ( in “people” I mean, mainly teenage girls) in the theater, I decided I was too old for that, ha ha! We saw each movie multiple times in theaters, and even went to Wal-Mart at midnight to buy our DVDs when they were released.

Every time we saw the movies, there was a new fun experience. The movies never got old, not matter how many times I saw each one in theaters. I think we saw one of the installments around 4 times. Others 3, others 2. I was just laughing when I was watching the previews on New Moon, and the trailer for Letters to Juliet came on. When we were in theaters the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift is used, and when it played all the young girls started singing it out loud. How could you not join in when there is a whole theater of singing girls!

Slowly, I did lose interest in the movies. But me and my friend still had fun with one another. I felt I failed her when I never saw the final installment in theaters, I waited until it came out on DVD, and own it now on my Kindle. I haven’t watched all the movies in forever, so I decided before I start working I should watch them all in order. I have never watched the whole franchise all the way through either, so this should be fun.

It’s the little moments you remember in life. Those two hours in the theater, were happy times, where the outside world was shut out. So for now I will sit here and watch my nostalgic movies, trying to shut out my stress. Tonight is family dinner night as well, so that should be fun. We are roasting root vegetables, so I have to peel them all, which gives me time to watch some TV or a movie. It feels good to remember the good times, and that there will be more soon, and there are still some everyday. You just have to look for them, and hold on to them.


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