Hi! My name is Elyse. I am a twenty-something girl with a big city heart, living in a small town. I am an introvert, a girly girl, libraries and books are my passion, I love shoes, and chocolate is my best friend.

10 Facts about me:

1. I can’t cook, nor do I want to learn how to cook.
2. I have a collection of glass bracelets given to me by my mother, and I am never without a bracelet on my left wrist, or the ring she gave me on my right hand.
3. If I was stranded on a desert island and only had one food to eat it would be seedless watermelon.
4. My favorite times are spent at home, in my pajamas.
5. I have expensive taste, but what young woman doesn’t?
6. I am a celebrity junky. People.com, and the Celebrity Baby Blog are sites I visit daily.
7. I love all sorts of music. Katy Perry, Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga and Owl City are all favorites.
8. I love Paris. My home is decorated in Parisian themed pieces.
9. I am not crafty, but can sew on a button or hand stitch a basic stitch if needed.
10. I enjoy watching TV shows on DVD. “Once Upon a Time,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Burn Notice” are some of my favorites.


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